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Fees & Bursaries

Fees and Bursaries

Fees 2024/2025

The scale of termly fees for academic year 2024/2025 is shown below.

Senior 7 – Upper Sixth Form £8,935
Prep 2 – Prep 6 £7,190
Kindergarten – Prep 1 £6,990
Music lessons £275

Fees include the charges for lunch and a pupil’s personal accident insurance (including dental cover).

Please note that public examinations such as GCSE and A levels are charged at the cost laid down by the relevant examination board.


Our goal is to open up the educational opportunities we provide at Ibstock to any pupil, regardless of background.

Pupils awarded a bursary will have their fees reduced, either partially or in full. The money to support our bursary programme comes from funds which are available to the school or from our parents’ association, Families of Ibstock Place School (FIPS).

Senior pupil in cricket gear in grounds of Ibstock Place School, near Richmond.

Applications for bursaries are welcomed from parents and carers of prospective pupils entering the Senior School and Sixth Form. To apply for a bursary, you must register your child with the School by Thursday 31 October 2024.

Bursary applications are available upon request from the Bursar from 1 October 2024 and all applications must be submitted to the Bursar (as a hard copy) by 6 December 2024. 

Apply for a bursary

Bursary FAQ

What does a bursary cover?

A partial bursary includes a reduction of fees, as stated in the bursary offer.

Pupils awarded a full bursary will have costs for lunch, compulsory school trips, textbooks, school-issued laptops (if the bursary value is greater than 80%), and public examination entry fees covered.

Am I eligible for a bursary?

We will make bursary offers holistically on a case-by-case basis. However, we would expect a typical family of a bursary pupil to:

  • Have a total household income of less than £70,000
  • Only own (or rent) one property
  • Total asset value of less than £1.5 million
When and how will I be assessed?

All pupils awarded a bursary will have met the standard entry criteria for Ibstock Place School. 

For 11+ entry (into Senior 7) the deadline for a bursary application is after pupils have been notified if they have succeeded in the first stage.

Applicants who are successful in their application will then be notified that they have received a school place, and informed separately as to whether a bursary of any type has also been awarded. 

Please be aware that our admissions processes are blind to bursary applications. All candidates are assessed only on their performance in the admissions activities and examinations.

What information will I need to complete the bursary application form?

You will need to provide evidence of household income and property rental/ownership, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Payslips and P60s
  • Universal credit entitlement or proof of benefits Mortgage agreements / rent agreements

We recognise applying for a bursary and providing the evidence can be a confusing experience and we will do our best to help you – please contact the Bursar if you have any questions.

Will I have to pay the application fee of £160?

Yes. If this is an issue, please contact the Bursar.

Are bursaries available at all entry points?

Yes from Senior 7 (11+) upwards. There are no Bursaries available in the Prep or Pre-Prep School.

How can you ensure my child will not be treated differently to other pupils?

Evidence submitted for the bursary application is confidential and will be handled exclusively by the Bursary. It will not be shared with teaching staff. However, we recognise that some bursary pupils may have specific pastoral needs relating to their bursary status. The School will therefore offer additional pastoral support from the Head of Lower School (for Senior 7-Senior 9 pupils), Head of Middle School (Senior 10-Senior 11) or Deputy Head of Sixth Form (Sixth Form). As is the case for all other pupils, they would also have access to our innovative counselling programme with The Soke if this would benefit them.

Does the Bursary last throughout my child’s schooling at Ibstock?

Applications for a bursary will need to be made each year. Pupils will also need to adhere to the general expectations of the School regarding behaviour and their approach to learning. We do not hold them to higher standards than pupils not in receipt of a bursary.

How can I find out more?

You are welcome to arrange a visit . At our open events there will be a stand where a member of staff will be available to discuss bursaries.

If you have a question that is not answered by the above information, please email the Bursar, John Hutchison.


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