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Careers Support

Careers Support

At Ibstock we ensure that pupils are provided with Careers Guidance right from the start of their Senior School journey.

Through a whole range of resources, events, lesson time and one-to-one interviews pupils gain an understanding of the many opportunities available to them from qualifications to careers. By the time they are presented with options further up the school, they are well equipped to make informed decisions.

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Senior pupils attending the careers fair at Ibstock Place School, a private school near Richmond, Barnes, Putney, Kingston, and Wandsworth.

From Senior 7 careers support is delivered throughout the year through:

  • Curriculum time – Our Senior 7 Pathways Programme includes three lessons of Careers Guidance with online careers profiling activity and Skills Activities from InvestIN. Senior 8 pupils study Employment and the World of Work with the opportunity to discuss their own career aspirations and the skills required.
  • Pastoral time – Careers Skills sessions helping pupils to identify current skills and explore skills required in the world of work.
  • Throughout the year – immersive work experience opportunities through InvestIn and immersive online career opportunities
  • Parent Events – Annual Careers Forums and further up the school, GCSE Options event explain the process, with tips about things to consider when supporting pupils’ selections.
  • Senior 9 Pupil Interviews - One to One interviews with each pupil to discuss GCSE Option Choices and future plans.

In addition to the above, Senior 10 and Senior 11 benefit from much extra support in the form of lectures, Careers based lessons, Tutorial Days and assemblies. Time is dedicated to one-to-one meetings to discuss Careers aspirations and work experience.

Senior pupil at the career fair in the theatre at Ibstock Place School, a private school near Richmond, Barnes, Putney, Kingston, and Wandsworth.

Senior 10 and 11 Careers Events

  • Annual Careers Fair – an opportunity to hear from over 20 professionals about their careers to date. Each pupil picks three sessions to attend, based on their interests and ambitions.
  • National Careers Week 
  • Higher Education Evening – Alumni return to discuss University and Careers
  • Sustainability Week – Careers in Sustainability
  • Morrisby Profiling assessment
  • Make Me a Medic Day (Senior 11)
  • Alternative Pathways, Work Experience opportunities and Career Pathway Lecture (Senior 11)


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